Succeed: 3 Keys

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Succeed: 3 Keys by Mind Map: Succeed: 3 Keys


1.1. When it comes to goals, your brain works on a very simple principle: reduce discrepancies.

1.2. When your brain detects a discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be - it wants to CLOSE THE GAP

1.3. Thats why you need to know where you stand

1.3.1. You need FEEDBACK and score

1.4. SELF monitoring is essential to feedback

1.5. Know how far you have left to GO

2. If Then PLAN

2.1. Most People think that the most common mistake we make is not knowing WHAT to do

2.1.1. We know what needs to be done to reach a goal - we just don't manage to actually do it

2.2. Most common problem we run into trying to achieve a goal is missing opportunities to take action

2.2.1. If we want to succeed we literally need to learn how to seize the moment/oppotunity

2.3. 10th graders about to go on a summer break

2.3.1. Taking PSAT in the FALL

2.3.2. Gave them book of PSA practice tests TOld them that it would be collected in Fall when they come back

2.3.3. 50% students Asked to write When and Where they would work on these problems Example Did not get any reminders Students Didn't even get to keep the piece of paper on which their plan was written

2.3.4. Results One time If-The Plan 250 problems No Plan 100 Problems

2.3.5. The planning took less than 2 minutes of their time But doubled their performance

2.4. HOW TO DO if then Planning

2.4.1. What

2.4.2. When

2.4.3. Where

2.4.4. If condition CUE

2.4.5. Then Behavior ACTION

2.5. Why does IF THEN SPECIFIC plan work

2.5.1. Links CUE and Behavior Links the IF and THEN

2.5.2. CUE becomes highly activated in your brain. Brain starts scanning environment for the IF trigger happening below your awareness Easily detected as it happens

2.5.3. Behavior becomes automatic When THE If trigger occurs, the Then ACTION follows without conscious intent

3. Most of us use optimism the wrong way

3.1. Why are you optimistic that things will work out?

3.1.1. Natural talent, skills, smarts, conditions etc Things will be easy and work themselves out UNREALISTIC Things you cant control

3.1.2. Effort, Hard work, execution REALISTIC Things you can control Expect obstacles MY actions are DIRECTLY responsible for my results

3.2. h. Don't just visualize success.

3.2.1. Visualize your steps to success

3.2.2. Visualize obstacles

3.3. Attributional Training

3.3.1. Incoming college students Very optimistic about success in college 50% given attributional training Other 50%