English Basic

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English Basic by Mind Map: English Basic

1. Alphabet

1.1. Is the set of letters in a language with a certain order. More precisely, the alphabet is a set of characters of a writing system, each of which represents approximately a phoneme.

2. Numbers

2.1. The numbers are those symbols that allow us to represent the number of items you have a set.

3. Grettings/Goodbye

3.1. Grettings/Goodbye

4. To be

4.1. Verb To be

5. Demostrative pronouns

5.1. Demostratibe Pronouns

6. At, in, on

6.1. At, in. on

7. Subject pronouns

7.1. Subject pronouns

8. Nationality and Languages

8.1. Nationality

9. Possessive Adjetives

9.1. Possesive

10. Cloting

10.1. Cloting

11. Present progressive

11.1. Continuous

12. Time

12.1. Time

13. Interrogative and Negative sentences

13.1. Interrogative and Negative

14. What are you doing

14.1. What are you doing

15. Family members

15.1. Family

16. Jobs

16.1. Jobs