Summary of Issues shekel

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Summary of Issues shekel by Mind Map: Summary of Issues shekel

1. vers

1.1. This issue is about regular and irregular verbs

2. Be or not be

2.1. SI is about to be or not to be

3. Importance of numbers.

3.1. Discusses the importance of numbers.

4. Possesives adjetives.

4.1. It's about possessive adjectives .

5. Pronousns

5.1. If this issue is closely related to the pronoun in order that the activity is dessarollo .

6. What are you doing

6.1. is about what we do.

7. Where are you from.

7.1. It's about where we live.

8. calculation 2

9. Descriptions nationality

9.1. If this describes foulbrood is our city.

10. Negatives statement questions withbe.

10.1. This is about the questions negative states .

11. Possesives cloting.

11.1. If it About the clothes and describe the characters .

12. Time simple past.

12.1. It's about knowing when DOAS Desir different ways.

13. Calculation 3

14. Family numbers

14.1. It's about giving aconocer through a mental map the different families .

15. There is There are.

15.1. If this topic encompasses what is described objects are in a room of singular and plural .

16. Jobs

16.1. If item is find types of work and develop questions about them.