The Effects of Technology on the past 115 years

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The Effects of Technology on the past 115 years by Mind Map: The Effects of Technology on the past 115 years

1. 1910s

1.1. WW1

1.1.1. Weapons Trench Warfare Poison Gas Flamethrowers Tanks Guns Air Warfare Airplanes Sea Warfare Ships German U-Boats

1.1.2. Other Radio Communication Used to communicate in the war

1.2. Others

1.2.1. Electricity in homes

1.2.2. The Car more people who had the money started to buy cars

1.2.3. Radio Became more popular

1.2.4. Electric Refrigerator First usable electric refrigerator was sold in 1913

2. 1900-1910

2.1. The Car

2.2. Radio

2.2.1. It was invented in 1900. First transatlantic signal sent in 1901.

2.3. First Plane

2.3.1. Invented in 1903 by the Wright Brothers.

2.4. Titanic

2.4.1. It sunk in 1912 after hitting an iceberg

2.5. Discovery of blood types

2.5.1. Scientists wondered why some blood transfusions were successful and others didn't work.

2.6. Plastic

2.6.1. First plastic was created in 1908. It was not used widely till much later.

2.7. Air Conditioning

2.7.1. Air conditioning was first invented in 1902.

2.8. Wireless Communication

2.8.1. First wireless signal was sent across the Atlantic in 1901

3. 1920-1940

3.1. 1930s

3.1.1. Important in The Great Depression Movies Radios Car Radio FM Radio

3.1.2. Others Jet Engine Photocopier Nylon

3.1.3. Medical Technology Pacemaker The first working pacemaker was created. Was 10 inches long and weighed about 1 pound Creation of blood banking The first blood banks were created.

3.2. 1920s

3.2.1. Movies First silent films started to come out

3.2.2. Assembly Lines Lead to the the mass production of all technology. Lead to the spread of consumerism

3.2.3. Medical Technology Penicillin It was discovered in 1928 Insulin It was discovered in 1921 and tested on dogs Electrocardiogram Allowed doctors to easily collect data from peoples heart

3.2.4. Television Was first invented in 1927. Was not widely sold till 1950s

3.2.5. Cars

3.2.6. Radio

4. 1950-1970

4.1. 1950s

4.1.1. Hydrogen Bomb Was 1000 times more powerful than the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan

4.1.2. First Pacemaker The first fully effective and usable pacemaker was invented in 1958.

4.1.3. Television Televisions were first sold to consumers in 1951

4.1.4. Passenger Jets First passenger jets allowed people to travel far around the world

4.1.5. Solar Battery/ Solar Cell Lead to the creation of the solar panel

4.1.6. Optic Fiber Optic Fibers were invented 1952. They are now used for communication and medicine

4.1.7. First Satellite Sputnik 1 was launched into space in 1957

4.2. 1960s

4.2.1. First Programming Launguage Lead to the rapid development of computer programs. Developed in 1964.

4.2.2. LED Lead to energy efficient, long lasting lights. Many light today are LEDs

4.2.3. Internet The beginning of the internet. DARPA made the first connection in 1969

4.2.4. Laser Lasers are used today in many industries such as medical, manufacturing and security

4.2.5. RAM Random Access Memory is one of the most important parts of a computer, RAM as we know it today was invented in 1968.

4.2.6. GPS The Global Positioning System was invented in 1967 and had a big impact on how we travel

4.2.7. First Communicaton Satillite It was a communication satellite named Telstar which allowed for high speed phone calls. It lead to the invention of all modern day satellites.

4.2.8. First Supercomputer Computer capable of solving large mathematical problems and running big simulations

4.2.9. Moon Landing Apollo 11 lands on moon and Neil Armstrong becomes first man on the moon.

5. 1970-2000

5.1. 1970s

5.1.1. Atari First widely popular video game console. Created in 1972

5.1.2. LCD Displays LCD Displays are used all over the world in almost every field today

5.1.3. Apple Apple was founded in 1972. It is now one of the biggest technology comapanies in the world

5.1.4. ARPANET ARPANET was the beginning of the internet we know today

5.1.5. E-Mail The first email was sent over ARPANET in 1971

5.1.6. Digital Camara Almost all cameras today are digital, and it helps save a lot of time.

5.1.7. Micro Processor It changed the way computers worked and allowed us to make smaller and more efficient computers.

5.1.8. MRI Magnetic resonance imaging was arguably the one of the most important medical inventions of all time. It let doctors see inside their patients without cutting anything open.

5.1.9. Cell Phones Cell phones were invented and sold in the late 1970s. These were much larger than they are today and were only owned by those who needed them.

5.2. 1980s

5.2.1. Hepatitis B Vaccine Vaccines being created for diseases led to many lives being saved

5.2.2. Personal Computers Many companies started to make personal computer as they became more popular. Ex. IBM-PC and Apple Macintosh

5.2.3. Digital Cell Phones Cell phones were smaller, faster and had screens. This was about 10 years after the were first invented.

5.2.4. Doppler Radar Changed weather forecasting forever. It allowed us to get much more information about currant cloud and air mass formations

5.2.5. HD TV This invention lead to better audio and visuals for TV. It positively impacted the popularity of TVs.

5.2.6. Camcorders This was the first time people could easily record videos for themselves

5.3. 1990s

5.3.1. World Wide Web The Internet was fully available to the public

5.3.2. Mp3 Player Revolutionized how people listen to music.

5.3.3. Photoshop Revolutionized media. People could create fake images which appeal more to people than real ones.

5.3.4. Nintendo 64 The Nintendo 64 was the start of widespread popularity of video games.

5.3.5. Social Media Along with personal computers and internet came social media such as chat rooms and blogs.

5.3.6. Web Tv The ability to watch TV online opened the door to streaming services such as Netflix today

6. 2000s-Present

6.1. 2000s

6.1.1. Social Media Social Media became less private, and became very popular after the creation of Facebook in 2005

6.1.2. Surgical Robots Robots were now used to perform hard surgeries on humans. Success rates of all kinds of surgeries went up.

6.1.3. The Cloud Cloud based computer systems and storage, changed and will continue to change the way we interact with computers

6.1.4. Artificial Organs Humans have created artificial hearts and livers. We hope to one day use these as replacement organs.

6.1.5. Hybrid Cars Hybrid/Electric cars came out in the late 2000s and are a big step towards us being a more eco friendly society

6.1.6. IPhone The first IPhone changed what it meant to have a phone. It came with a touch screen and many new features

6.2. 2010-Present

6.2.1. 3D movies/TVs 3D movies started to come out in 2010, and a year we also had 3D TVs

6.2.2. 3D Printing 3D printing has gained popularity in the 2010s. This technology can lead to many things that before we only dream't of.

6.2.3. Tablets Tablets came out as a cross between a phone and laptop. They are meant to boost productivity and provide entertainment

6.2.4. Electronic Payments People can now pay bills or pay for something at the store with only their phones.

6.2.5. Retinal Eye Implants These implants could potentially give all blind people the ability to see, or aid people with poor vision

6.2.6. Drones Especially in the last year, drones have become very popular. They are used for security, weather, home delivery and personal use.

7. By Atsayan Kaja