BST User Flows

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BST User Flows by Mind Map: BST User Flows

1. Customer

1.1. Choose Region / Destination for current vacation

1.1.1. Choose Accommodation P1. Book Accommodation

1.2. Discover Black Sea Region for future vacations

1.2.1. Discover Regions Discover activities P2. Leave email

1.3. Check bookings

1.3.1. Contact with BO community national administration portal administration

1.3.2. Check accommodations details

1.3.3. Cancel / Change booking - information

1.3.4. P3. Leave review about accommodation

1.4. P3. Become a member

1.5. P2. Invite a friends

2. Accommodation Owner

2.1. Submit Accommodation

2.1.1. Receive invitation to BST portal Register Owner Profile Define rooms and prices Upload photos and descriptions

2.2. Check My Accommodation bookings callendar

2.2.1. Check booking details (arrival time, number of visitors, etc.)

2.2.2. Cancel booking request

2.2.3. Blacklist request

3. Portal Administrator

3.1. Check and approve new submits

3.1.1. Bookings

3.2. Add new regions and communities

3.2.1. Add new content

3.3. Add new items to dictionaries (accommodation types)

4. Community Administrator

4.1. Submit changes to community desciption

4.2. Send Invitation (code) to owner

4.3. Approve and publish accommodation

4.4. Review all bookings inside community