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ISTE#3 by Mind Map: ISTE#3

1. Locate

1.1. to identify or discover the place or location.

1.1.1. to find.

2. organize

2.1. to form a clean place or environment.

2.1.1. clean or organized.

3. analyze

3.1. To examine carefully.

3.1.1. to examine.

4. evaluate

4.1. to solve.

5. synthesize

5.1. to combine

6. ethically

6.1. a certain subject dealing with a job.

6.1.1. History teacher is to teaching history.

7. to gather organize and collect information about a certain topic.

7.1. TWEET=To research.

8. PROJECT IDEAS=the teacher gives us topics from 1-4 and we research them for a week and at the end we have to turn in all of the work and it has to be organized.