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IAPSS General Assembly by Mind Map: IAPSS General Assembly
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IAPSS General Assembly

The main decision-making body of IAPSS is the General Assembly (GA). The GA convenes annually and decides on issues of relevance for the existence of the Association and on the long- and medium-term goals of IAPSS. The GA elects all other bodies of the Association: The Executive Committee (ExCom), the Supervisory Committee (SupCom), the Disciplinary Commission, the POLITIKON-IAPSS Journal of Political Science Editorial Board, and the Premium Association Member.

Alumni Club

Alumni Board


Executive Committee (ExCom)

The ExCom is the body which has the decisional power in between two meetings of the GA. It manages the Association and implements the decisions of the GA. The ExCom, just as all other elected bodies of IAPSS has a one-year mandate. The members of the ExCom are, in principle, residing in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the Permanent Seat of the IAPSS is located. The ExCom is in charge of the daily work within IAPSS; therefore it coordinates the executive part of IAPSS.

Permanent Seat

Delegated Work


The POLITIKON-IAPSS Political Science Journal Editorial Board coordinates the issuance of the IAPSS Journal. The Editorial Board coordinates its executive work with the ExCom and maintains sole authority on issues related to the content of the Journal. Editorial Board 2010/2011 Editor-in-chief - Urban Jaksa Editors Board - Alexandra Dobra / Diego Garzia / Ozgur Taskaya

Supervisory Committee (SupCom)

The SupCom is the body which supervises the activity of the Association in-between two meetings of the GA. It supervises the work of all other bodies of the Association and reports to the GA.

SupCom Policy

Supcom 2010-2011

Disciplinary Commission (DisCom)

The Disciplinary Commission deals with matters connected to the way the statute is being observed. It decides on sanctions when the statute is not respected.

Disciplinary Rules

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IAPSS Operational Plan

Premium Association

The Premium Association Member is the local association elected for one year to organize the Academic Conference &  General Assembly 2011. Lisbon,Portugal

Academic Conference & General Assembly 2011. Lisbon,Portugal

Strategic Documents


Internal Regulations

Operational Plan

Strategic Plan

Rules of Procedure

Initiatives Description Format