Third Party Platforms (Beliefs)

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Third Party Platforms (Beliefs) by Mind Map: Third Party Platforms (Beliefs)

1. Libertarian Party

1.1. More freedom for individuals

1.2. Freedom of speech with no limits

1.3. The libritarians want to be neutral

1.4. Want to cut all taxes

1.5. The government is leniant on what your drink or eat

1.6. keeps ideas of individual liberty

1.7. They want a very small government

1.8. The Libertarians founded in 1971

1.9. Libertarians are one of the larger third parties

1.10. Think government should protect Americans and their property

1.11. free market health care system

1.12. economy - Believe in a free market without any government intervention

2. Transhuminist Party

2.1. Aim to improve lives using science and technology

2.2. Leader - Zoltan Istvan

2.2.1. Was saved by his guide in Vietnam inspiring him to be what he is today

2.3. Want science to be greater than politics

2.4. Developing gradually over the past 2 decades

2.5. Want a stronger education

2.6. Provides free education at every level

2.7. Create a flat tax for the whole country

2.8. By 2024 it will be a legitimate party

2.9. They want to stop aging and death

3. Communist Party

3.1. Found in 1919

3.1.1. Fights for labor rights, women equality and racial justice

3.2. Believe in strong military-centered government

3.3. Controls media, business, and many freedoms

3.4. Freedoms include: speech, press, religion, etc. Anything to do with 1st Amendment

3.5. Modern day Communist nations include: China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, (Russia can be considered one

3.6. Flat Tax- everyone is taxed fairly and evenly

4. Constitution Party

4.1. Life

4.1.1. Against abortion

4.1.2. For everyone

4.2. Liberty

4.2.1. Believes in religious freedom

4.2.2. Believes in personal freedom

4.3. Family

4.3.1. Against gay marriage

4.3.2. Believes that a family should have one husband and one wife with their children

4.4. Property

4.4.1. Everyone can have a property and be able to take care of it without the government burden

4.4.2. Affirms the fourth amendment right

4.5. Constitution

4.5.1. Beleives that the Founding Documents should be interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers

4.6. State rights

4.6.1. Believes that everything not specifically designated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor restricted by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people

4.7. American Sovereignty

4.7.1. Believes that America should be committed to protection of boarders, trade, and defense. No entenglement in forgein countries

5. Green Party

5.1. Pro-choice for abortion a women has a right to control their body

5.2. The Green Party focuses on Peace, Ecology, Social Justice and Democracy

5.2.1. Peace- Wants to end wars worldwide and thinks the military's budget should decrease

5.2.2. Ecology- Climate change has increased too much and we should stop using fossil fuels

5.3. They are a mostly liberal party who's main focuses are peace and ecology

5.4. Get rid of the death penalty

5.5. They are for the legalization of cannabis

5.6. Legalize Cannabis/Hemp and replace Drug War with treatment and alternative sentencing