Crawley Social Media Map

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Crawley Social Media Map by Mind Map: Crawley Social Media Map

1. Online Communities

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Locality based Bewbush Pages Groups Events Broadfield Groups Maidenbower Pages Groups Northgate Groups Langley Green Groups Ifield Pages Groups Businesses Pound Hill Leisure Furnace Green Leisure Room to rent in Furnace Green (6) We Need A Road From Furnace Green tunnel 2 Maidenbower !!!!!! (29) Tilgate Leisure Religious Businesses Three Bridges I ♥ Three Bridges, Crawley (72) Three-Bridges Station (160) Leisure Gossops Green Leisure Religious Southgate Leisure Religious Lily House Chinese Takeaway, Southgate, Crawley WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER (6) West Green Give West Green Primary a new Classroom! (12) Sainsburys West Green: The craziest store in the world (158) STUPID LEVEL CROSSING!!!!!!!!!!! (57)

1.1.2. Crawley Borough Council Councillors CBC Service-related Housing Leisure facilities Parks

1.1.3. Organisations Media Crawley Observer (291) The official Crawley News Facebook group (39) Crawley Happy Times Arts Charities Voluntary groups Religious Gobbelshon cell group (12) Crawley Catholic Youth Group (9) Crawley YSA (43) Elim Church Crawley Youth Group (11)

1.1.4. Other Nostalgia Crawley Legends (102) Memories Of Crawley (866) Kismet Kebabs Crawley Appreciation Group (409) The Mad Mary (Sheila Snelling) Appreciation Society (2,403)

1.1.5. Leisure Reigate Hill, Crawley and surrounding areas CB radio users (81) (fox hunting) 7th Crawley Scout Group (19) sport Sporting Crawley (27) Crawley Wheelers (24) (cycling) Friends of Crawley Skatepark (205) Crawley Scooter Club (133) arts Ceroc CRAWLEY (46) Crawley Library (24) Hobbycraft Crawley (29) Creative Crawley (18) (for creative people) music theatre social Crawley Plus (21) (for people in 20s and 30s to socialise) THE RAILWAY PUB CRAWLEY APPRECIATION GROUP (84) Crawley Clubbers (390) Crawley Mums (9) Crawley's Finestz (172) (dating)

1.1.6. Campaigns We DEMAND Better roads around CRAWLEY!!! (828) Politics Chris Oxlade for Crawley (696) Youth Politics SOS Horsham and Crawley (47) (support our soldiers) Crawley Needs a Music Venue (490) Save Crawley Youth Centre!! (228) GIVE CRAWLEY ITS OWN NETWORK (1,964) Give Crawley Mercury FM back (3) 102.7 Mercury FM - Radio Mercury (4)

1.1.7. Ethnic CrAwLeY'$ Azn'$ (85) (Asian)

1.2. Bebo

1.2.1. Crawley Town youth (77)

1.2.2. Crawley Town Lifesaving Club (10)

1.2.3. Crawley Young Person's Council (4)


1.2.5. Leisure Crawley Skaters And Bladers (18) XIX Crawley Squadron Air Training Corps (17) Jump Crawley (20) Crawley BMX (24) CrAwLeYs MtB & BmX RiDeRs (24) Crawley c/walkerz (26) Crawley Town Trooperz (14) Crawley Flipoutz (like to flip themselves 360 degrees, and train in Bewbush) (67) Crawley Youth Theatre (17)

1.3. Linked In

1.3.1. Business-related The 100K Club (200) Sussex Business Community (947) Crawley Business Community (4) (subgroup) Crawley and Gatwick Chamber of Commerce (31) Manor Royal Business District | Crawley | Gatwick (9)

1.3.2. Social Crawley Young Professionals (7)

1.4. MySpace

1.4.1. Crawley Folk Festival (922)

1.4.2. Crawley Blues

1.5. Twitter

1.5.1. Media Crawley_Obby (375) (Crawley Observer) crawley_news (273) wscountytimes (303) CHTonline (155) brightonargus (3,753) sussex business times (234) BBCSussex (693)

1.5.2. Public Services crawleybc (323) (Crawley Borough Council) CrawleyLibrary (194) WSCCNews (974) thehawthcrawley (259) CentralSussex (359) SussexSRP (safer roads partnership) (275) sussex_police (1,460)

1.5.3. Business-related SussexDirectory (27) SussexChamber (784)

1.5.4. Community Groups WestSussexScout (30)

1.5.5. Charities StCHospice (220)

1.5.6. Locality based Maidenbower Forum (66)

1.5.7. Lists @Blaadyblah/local @busstop_girl/crawley @moony_pete/crawley @SeldomOvercast/crawley @Beefit_Sussex/sussex-local-government

1.6. Groups

1.6.1. Google Business-related Crawley Business Referral Club (9) Politics Talking Up The BNP In Crawley ! The Crawley Property Market Social : Crawley area

1.6.2. Yahoo CrawleyFreecycleCafe (531) Religious Iskcon Crawley (Hare Krishna) (76) CRAWLEY DAWAH UNIT UK (Islam) (4) Sri Lankan Muslim Welfare Association Crawley (4) worthparish (16) Crawley Paranormal Investigators (2) Shhhh_crawley (for people bored in Crawley) (107) crawleycameraclub (51) crawley_circus_festival (42) CTLSC (life saving club) (26) Crawley-Freeshare (75) circuswurx (19) NCTCrawley (parenting group) (9) crawleyfriendsoftheearth (7) crawley-homeeducation (parents who educate their children at home) (3) crawleyhousing (3)

2. Video sharing

2.1. Youtube

2.1.1. Specific videos Crawley Police Pelted by Snow (19,389 views) The Crawley tour (3,365 views) The Caroliners at The Hawth Crawley (451 views) Crawley International Mela 2010 - Offlicence (669 views) Milestone Crawley Skate Park (2,490 views) WSCC Crawley Register Office (563 views)

2.2. Vimeo

2.2.1. Various skate park videos

2.2.2. Discover Crawley Community Church

2.2.3. Henry Smith. Parliamentary candidate for Crawley

2.2.4. WSCC Crawley Library - so much to see! Crawley Register Office


2.3.1. Henry Smith. Parliamentary candidate for Crawley

3. IDEA Communities of Practice

3.1. Knowledge

3.1.1. Case studies Crawley practice based commissioning (pbc) consortium, in West Sussex A joint approach to community engagement Connecting with Communities

3.2. Networking

3.2.1. Crawley Crawley BC Oracle 10g Migration (5) Crawley BC Local SCT Programme (12) Crawley's Outcome 22 small grant scheme (8) AXESS West Sussex Streamlined Customer Transactions Project at Crawley BC (39) AXESS West Sussex SCT Project Delivery Toolkit (11) Single View of Customer (17)

3.2.2. West Sussex AXESS AXESS West Sussex SCT Project Delivery Toolkit (11) AXESS West Sussex System Architecture Review - Lagan (12) AXESS West Sussex Branding and Identity Project (14) West Sussex IT Managers Group (6) AXESS West Sussex Technical Advisory Board (TAB) (19) AXESS (West Sussex Regional Parent Community) (62) AXESS West Sussex Streamlined Customer Transactions Project at Crawley BC (39) AXESS Help Point Network (8) West Sussex Wellbeing Online (17) E-forms West Sussex (12) West Sussex Scrutiny Officers Network (10) West Sussex Strategic Community Safety Partnership (WSSCSP) (37) West Sussex Secretaries' and Solicitors' Group (WSSSG) Waste West Sussex Waste Data Group (15) Strategic Waste Officers Group (SWOG) For West Sussex (3) OFFJAGS (3) Community Action Planning (14) Community Action Project - Project Board (7)

4. Informative Websites

4.1. News Media

4.1.1. Crawley Observer

4.1.2. This is Sussex | The latest news from around Crawley

4.1.3. Crawley on the Web

4.1.4. Crawley, England News - Topix

4.1.5. The Argus

4.1.6. Crawley Happy Times

4.2. Partnerships

4.2.1. Crawley Ethnic Minority Partnership - CEMP

4.2.2. Crawley School Sport Partnership

4.2.3. Town Centre Partnership

4.2.4. Gatwick Greenspace Partnership

4.3. Projects

4.3.1. Crawley Mela Association

4.3.2. Crawley Festival

4.4. Politics

4.4.1. Crawley Conservatives Cllr Ali Burke (Ifield) West Sussex Conservatives

4.4.2. Crawley Labour

4.4.3. Crawley Liberal Democrats

4.4.4. SOUTH ENGLAND REDS (pro BNP group)

4.5. Voluntary Groups and Charities

4.5.1. Crawley Council for Voluntary Service (CVS)

4.5.2. Crawley Neighbourhood Watch

4.5.3. Crawley Neighbourhood Network

4.5.4. West Sussex EESI Project

4.5.5. Crawley Open House

4.5.6. Home-Start Crawley, Horsham and Mid-Sussex

4.6. Ethnic and Cultural

4.6.1. Crawley Afro Caribbean Association (ACA)

4.6.2. Celtic and Irish Cultural Society

4.6.3. Diego Garcian Society

4.6.4. Crawley Portuguese Association

4.6.5. Sussex African Communities Project (SACP)

4.7. Leisure

4.7.1. Arts and Learning Crawley University of the 3rd Age Crawley Art Society Crawley Camera Club Crawley Museum Society Crawley Educational Institute Theatre The Hawth Online Ifield Barn Theatre Society Act Too Productions Children Ariel Company Theatre Pied Piper Productions Crawley Roleplaying Club Music Acoustic Sussex Concordia Singers Crawley Amateur Radio Club Crawley Keyboard Club Crawley Millennium Concert Band Crawley Operatic Society Songbirds Choir Milestone Band Weald Choir Dance DIVAS DANCE CLUB Hipsinc Belly Dancing Karen Kay Theatre Arts School Live 2 Dance Louise Ryrie School of Dance & Drama SalsaBug The Cho-wa Ju-jitsu Association

4.7.2. Interests Crawley Horticultural Society crawley angling society Crawley Model Railway Society Crawley Astronomical Society Crawley and Horsham RSPB Children Crawley District Scouts 7th Crawley Scout Group Ifield Scout Group Girl Guiding Sussex Central TS Glorious NTC Crawley Computer Club IMPACT Foundation (cooking) West Sussex Green Club Crawley Fly Fishers Club Crawley and Horsham Cycle Touring Club (CTC) Crawley Chess Club Crawley Croquet Club Southdowns Orienteers

4.7.3. Social Emerald Sports and Social Club Gatwick and Crawley Lions Children Ifield Youth Wing The Broadfield / Bewbush Children’s Project Escape - Broadfield Youth and Community Centre Maidenbower Pre-School Playgroup Milton Mount Playgroup Pound Hill Pre-School

4.8. Health and Wellbeing

4.8.1. NHS Ifield Medical Practice Bewbush Medical Centre Hospital Radio Crawley Crawley Health Centre

4.8.2. Multiple Sclerosis Society

4.8.3. St Catherine`s Hospice

4.8.4. Carers Support Service

4.8.5. Parkinson's UK - Crawley and East Grinstead Branch

4.8.6. Gluten Free Crawley

4.8.7. Crawley Oasis Saturday Club (Alzheimer's Society)

4.8.8. Crawley Muscular Dystrophy Group

4.8.9. 4Sight

4.8.10. Children Loving Touch Baby Massage

4.8.11. Sasbah (sussex association for spina bifida and hydrocephalus)

4.8.12. Sussex ADHD Support Group

4.8.13. Sussex Oakleaf

4.8.14. West Sussex Wellbeing Initiatives

4.9. Religious

4.9.1. Christianity Crawley Churches Church of England Christ the Lord Church of England Church (Broadfield) St Alban's Church Holy Trinity, Tilgate St Andrew's Church, Furnace Green St Mary’s Church, Southgate Worth Parish United Reformed Churches Christ Church, Pound Hill Trinity, Ifield Baptist Churches Maidenbower Baptist Church Crawley Baptist Church Kingdom Faith Church, Maidenbower Ifield Quakers Crawley Spiritualist Church Crawley New Life Church Elim Church Crawley St Paul's Methodist Church, Crawley Crawley Community Church Crawley Gatwick Church of Christ Three Bridges Free Church The Vine Christian Fellowship, Northgate Crawley Healing Rooms Gateway Church International

4.9.2. Islam Crawley Mosque Crawley Islamic Culture Centre

4.9.3. Hinduism Gujar Hindu Union

4.9.4. Buddhism Soka Gakkai Surrey and West Sussex

4.9.5. Sikhism Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha Crawley (Sikh)

4.9.6. Humanism West Sussex Humanists

4.10. Business-related

4.10.1. County Mall

4.10.2. Gatwick Diamond Rotary

4.10.3. Crawley Chamber

4.10.4. kbc (marketing company for freedom leisure)

4.11. Other

4.11.1. Crawley on the Web

4.11.2. Talk Bewbush

4.11.3. Crawley Online

4.12. Local Authority Service-related

4.12.1. Crawley Borough Council Community Directory Crawley Wellbeing Crawley gets up and running (10:10)

4.12.2. Sussex Oakleaf

4.12.3. WSCC West Sussex Ahead of the Game

4.13. Locality based

4.13.1. Maidenbower Maidenbower Pre-School Playgroup Maidenbower Golf Society

4.13.2. Broadfield Broadfield Community Centre

4.13.3. Tilgate This is Tilgate

4.14. Campaigns

4.14.1. Exiled Chagos Islanders want to return to Diego Garcia The UK Chagos Support Association

4.14.2. Crawley Campaign Against Racism

4.14.3. Wealden UAF (Unite Against Fascism)

4.14.4. Crawley level crossing safety campaign

4.14.5. Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign

4.14.6. Campaign against Youth Unemployment in Crawley

4.14.7. New Hospital Campaign (Francis Maude)

4.14.8. The ACA Better Health Campaign

4.14.9. London NoBorders

5. Interactive websites

5.1. Forums

5.1.1. Maidenbower Virtual Village! MP & Councillors' e-Surgery


5.1.3. Crawley Forums

5.1.4. Crawley Plus Website

5.1.5. Crawley Mosque Forums

5.1.6. UK Chatterbox Chat Rooms : horsham/crawley]

5.1.7. Crawley Freestyle Association Forum

5.2. Media and File Sharing Activity

5.2.1. Maidenbower Baptist Church Sermons

5.3. Wikis

5.3.1. Hawth Theatre, Crawley

5.3.2. West Sussex LINk (Local Involvement Network for Health and Social Care Services)

5.4. Ning

5.5. Blogs

5.5.1. Derek McMillan's weblog

5.5.2. The Catholic Parish of Crawley - Week by Week

5.5.3. Logistical 10 things I love about Crawley

5.5.4. Crawley English Lessons

5.5.5. Conservatives Cllr Duncan Crow The Many Rambles of Adam Brown

5.5.6. Labour Crawley Labour Party Sonia Sodha for Crawley (Labour) Andrew Skudder (Labour)

5.5.7. Tilgate Man

5.5.8. Gatwick Diamond Rotary Club

5.6. Petitions

5.6.1. We demand better roads around the crawley area (67)

6. Photo sharing

6.1. Flickr

6.1.1. Crawley (114)

6.1.2. Crawley Wheelers (3)

6.1.3. The Sky From Crawley (2)

6.1.4. Horsham&CrawleyCTC (5)

6.2. photobucket

6.3. picasa

7. Music


7.1.1. Crawley, West Sussex (4)