CONTRACTS & SALES: Introduction and Formation

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CONTRACTS & SALES: Introduction and Formation by Mind Map: CONTRACTS & SALES: Introduction and Formation

1. Formation of Contracts

1.1. Offer

1.1.1. Diagram 10.1: Overview ò Contracts (p.237)

1.1.2. Certain & Definite Terms

1.1.3. Communication of the Offer

1.1.4. Termination of an Offer by Revocation

1.1.5. Termination of an Offer by Rejection Rejection by Counteroffer under Common Law Rejection by Counteroffer under UCC Nonmerchants Merchants

1.1.6. Termination by Offer Expiration

1.2. Acceptance: the Offeree's Response

1.2.1. Acceptance by Stipulated Means (MAILBOX RULE)

1.2.2. No stipulated Means Fast method Slow method

1.3. E-Commerce and Contract

1.4. Formation

1.5. Consideration

1.5.1. Unique Consideration Issues

1.6. Contract Form: When a Writing or Record is Required

1.6.1. Common Law Statute of Frauds

1.6.2. UCC Statute of Frauds

1.6.3. Exceptions to the Statute of Frauds

1.6.4. What form of Writing/ Record is Required?

1.6.5. Electronic Communication & the Statue of Frads

1.6.6. Special UCC Merchant Provisions and the Statute of Frauds

1.6.7. the Effect of the Written Contract: Parol Evidence

2. Issues in Formation of International Contracts

2.1. the CISG

2.2. Planning for International Risk: Force Majeure Clauses

3. Sources of Contract Law

3.1. Common Law

3.2. the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

3.3. Evolving E-Commerce Contract Laws

4. What is a contract

5. Types of Contracts

5.1. Bilateral vs Unilateral Contracts

5.2. Express vs Implied Contracts (Quasi Contracts)

5.3. Void and Voidable Contracts

5.4. Unenforceable Contracts