Sprint 2

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Sprint 2 by Mind Map: Sprint 2

1. SOPHOSMS (22/12/2015 - 17/01/2016)

1.1. System Setup

1.1.1. 26/12/2015 - 16/01/2016 Nam Users Module Add new user Import users View user’s detail Delete other user Update user’s detail Roles and Permissions Module (delay)

1.1.2. 22/12/2015 - 07/01/2016 Tin Organization and Programme Types Create Organization and Programme Types Edit Organization and Programme Types Manage Organization and Programme Types Grade Systems Create grade system Edit grade system Manage grade system Student Fields Module Create Student Fields Edit Student Fields Manage Student Fields

1.1.3. 13/01/2016 - 16/01/2016 Tin (delay) Types Settings Organization Delivery Mode Dashboard Management Organization Units Email Template Entry Documents English Test Requirement Transcript Test Requirement

2. Seek&Spot (01/12/2015 - 16/12/2015)

2.1. Management Module (web) (03/12/2015 - 15/12/2015) Nam

2.1.1. Dashboard View Dashboard Edit information of Spot Edit time of Spot Modify actions of game View operations of game View Leaderboard View Score Tasks Manually

2.2. Organization Module (web) (01/12/2015 - 13/12/2015) Binh

2.2.1. Manage Users Add new member Edit member Remove member Change password of member Search available of member

2.2.2. Manage Coordinator Add Coordinator Remove Coordinator

2.2.3. Research about Appium