Community Choice Who are we?

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Community Choice Who are we? by Mind Map: Community Choice  Who are we?

1. Norms

1.1. We're nice

1.2. We're positive

1.3. We learn by making mistakes, and are ok with it

1.4. We do small things for people to say thank you in a big way

1.5. We remember people's names

1.6. We use smiley faces in emails, and exclamation points

1.7. We say hello to each other in the hallway

1.8. We take a proactive approach to solving problems

2. Culture Embedding Mechanisms

2.1. What do we pay attention to and measure?

2.2. How do out leaders react to critical incidents? How do we react to allocating resources?

2.3. How do we role model and teach?

3. Reinforcement Mechanisms

3.1. What are our stories, history, legends?

3.2. What are our formal statements about organizational values and beliefs?

3.3. What are our rights and rituals?

4. Artifacts

4.1. Goal 1

4.2. Goal 2

4.3. Goal 3

5. Words to define

5.1. Team

5.1.1. Commitee

5.2. Give Big

6. Acronyms

7. Systems

8. Locations

9. Org Chart