Globalization 3.0

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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0

1. Outsourcing

1.1. Companies send their jobs out of the country/state.

1.2. It's done to save the company money, countries like China have cheaper labor than the US.

2. Workflow Software

2.1. Connects people around the world working on the same project.

2.2. Usually goes unnoticed unless you see it in action.

3. Uploading

3.1. Wikipedia, blogging/podcasting, and community-developed software are the three parts of uploading.

3.2. Community-developed software allows music and other files to be uploaded onto your computer.

4. Insourcing

4.1. Trains people in the US so they can have jobs rather than outsource them to another country.

4.2. Helps to raise the standard of living in the US.

5. The "Steroids"

5.1. computation capability, storage capability, and imput/output capablity were the first "steroids".

5.2. Technological content can be digitized with total ease (by cell phones, computers, etc.)

6. Offshoring

6.1. Sends entire companies/factories Overseas.

6.2. Makes the same products with cheaper labor costs, lower taxes, subsidized energy, and lower health-care costs.

7. End of the Cold War

7.1. The war was a struggle between Communism and Capitalism.

7.2. When the Berlin wall fell it allowed people to think of the world and a whole and to connect with everyone around them.

7.2.1. They were able to buy,sell, and trade with other countries unlike before the wall fell.

8. The Internet

8.1. Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web.

8.2. The internet is a network of networks which is basically made from computers and cables.

9. Supply Chaining

9.1. Companies can do business from across the country.

9.2. Supply Chain is a system of organizations, people, technology activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.

10. In-Forming

10.1. To give or impact knowledge of a fact or circumstance.

10.1.1. Search sites like Google connect us to hundreds of other sites that have information pertaining to the topic we are researching about.

10.2. Search engines are a prime example of in-forming.