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Lisa's Adventures in EC&I 831 Summary of Learning by Mind Map: Lisa's Adventures in EC&I 831 Summary of Learning
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Lisa's Adventures in EC&I 831 Summary of Learning

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Summary of Learning

you're looking at it

also Pecha Kucha for Nov 30 presentation: this map here would be boring to present


Reader feed for good sources

Emerging Technologies in Distance Education

Books: Independent Reading

Blog and connect with colleagues

My blog

My intro video

verified blog with Technorati

Colleagues I've learned a lot from

Final Project

History 105 Honors course design

Mutimedia unit: Skills for Online Instructors

Choosing Tools for Your Online Class


Synchronous meetings

1: Intro

2: Tool overview

3: Rick Schwier on technology

4: Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach on Learning Communities

5: Zoe Branigan-Pipe on Connected Teachers

6: Midterm Breather

7: Alec Couros on Open and Networked Learning

8: Dean Shareski on Digital Identity

9: The Unsession

10: Downes: Role of the Instructor in a PLE World

11: Will Richardson: Learning Networks

Tools and experimentation

Reader Bundle of feeds




Ed Webb created and

Insane search for impossible forum: nested, rich media, free, no ads

Spoof web application for Jen


The Machine is Changing Us (Wesch) 9/25

Portal to Media Literacy (Wesch) 9/25

The Web As Random Acts of Kindness (Zittrain) 9/30

PLEs: The Future of Education? (Graham Atwell) 11/15

The surprising truth about what motivates us (RSA Daniel Pink) 11/26 via Rod Murray