The Distribution Process

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The Distribution Process by Mind Map: The Distribution Process

1. Marketing

1.1. Premier

1.2. Test Screenings

1.3. Advertising on billboards, poster and on television chat shows

1.4. A great deal of the total budget is spent on marketing a film

1.5. Trailers

1.6. Famous actors/actresses

2. Circulation

2.1. How many copies of film should be circulated to cinemas

2.2. Distributors decide whether a film requires a 'saturation release' (700-1000) or an 'art-house release' (around 20)

2.3. Each print costs around £1000

3. Sources






4. Distribution companies

4.1. Paramount

4.2. 20th Century Fox

4.3. Universal

4.4. Lionsgate

5. Merchandise

6. Current film distribution model

6.1. Theatrical release

6.1.1. DVD release/rental Video streaming/ on-demand Premium television

7. Acquiring rights

7.1. Investing in a film

7.1.1. Investors try to reduce the risk of losing money by becoming involved in important decisions

7.2. Buy the rights after its made or before. Buying before helps films raise finance for production

7.3. By being part of a multinational corporation in the first place. Some of the big distributors remain (such as 20th Century Fox) part of a larger corporation.

8. The distribution process markets the film