Online class VS Traditional classroom

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Online class VS Traditional classroom by Mind Map: Online class VS Traditional classroom

1. Online vs Classroom Enviornment

1.1. The impact of each learning environment

1.2. Interaction differences

1.3. Discussions and group dynamics

1.4. Feedback of information

2. Student Performance

2.1. Comparable performance between different academic curriculums

2.2. Do the results of passing or failing differ? And if so is the difference significant?

3. Online Education

3.1. Pros and Cons

3.2. Flexibility and convenience

3.2.1. Learning digital skills in a digital space Marketable skills and job focus courses

3.3. Not all degree plans can be taken online

3.3.1. Lack of face-to-face may be a challenge

4. Traditional Education

4.1. Pros and Cons

4.2. Degree Plans are not limited

4.2.1. The experience of college life and networking

4.3. Cost is expensive

4.3.1. Not as flexible

5. Statements

5.1. There are many different determining factors when it comes to choosing to complete college though online courses or traditional courses.

5.2. There are benefits with both ways of earning your degree and is a personal decision that one must make to fit you. Do your own research before deciding.

6. Resources