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IAB (CEO/JT) by Mind Map: IAB (CEO/JT)

1. Book Creation (Harlan)

1.1. Freelancer Care (Justine)

1.1.1. Freelancer Admin (move to new hire) Payment/Admin (Justine) Assign & Track Jobs (Justine)

1.1.2. Freelancer Supply Setting Up Tests (Justine) Recruiting Freelancers (Justine) Initial Applicant Screening (Justine & new hire) Secondary Applicant Screening (Harlan) Phone Test (Harlan) Freelancer Onboarding (Justine)

1.1.3. Freelancer Training Onboarding Materials (Harlan) Training Calendar (Justine) Ongoing Training Resources (Harlan / Justine)

1.2. Manuscript (Harlan)

1.2.1. Coordinator (Justine)

1.2.2. Quality Assurance (Harlan w/ freelance help)

1.3. Design (Harlan?)

1.3.1. Cover Design

1.3.2. Interior Design (Ian)

2. Operations (JT)

2.1. Ops Manager (Brittany)

2.2. Website

2.2.1. Backend Dev

2.2.2. Hosting

2.3. Branding

2.3.1. Logo/Design Assets

2.4. Growth

2.4.1. Channel Analytics

2.4.2. Funnel Conversion

2.5. Finance

2.6. Legal

3. Marketing (Tucker)

3.1. Referral Manager

3.1.1. Referrals/Ambassador Program

3.1.2. Organization Joint Ventures

3.1.3. Industry Funnels

3.2. Relationship Manager

3.2.1. Speaking at Conferences

3.2.2. Attending Conferences

3.2.3. Mastermind/Online Groups

3.2.4. Meet-ups/Networking Events

3.2.5. Business Groups (EO, Vistage)

3.2.6. Sponsored Speaking To Groups

3.3. Outsourced (to PIAB)

3.3.1. Content Marketing Writing Blog posts Books Speech Writing Website Copy Author Case Studies PR Pitch Angles/Stories Video YouTube Video Courses Podcast

3.3.2. Content Promotion Owned Social Media Syndication Posting To Groups Email Marketing Social Sharing Sites

3.3.3. PR/Pitching MSM profiles Podcasts TV Guest Posts

3.3.4. Paid Marketing Display Ads Webinars Facebook Ads PPC

4. Publishing (JT)

4.1. Brad Kauffman

4.2. Dan Bernitt

4.3. Holly Foreman