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1. Average Sales Growth

1.1. B2C

1.1.1. Concentrate on top 14 product line that most purchase varied & focusing portfolio Milk with flavor Cheese & dressing Rice Soy Products & Noodles Yogurt Seafood Juice Bread Fruit Co-operation items Nuts & Dried Fruit Add more convenient items: Set items, quick cook item, ready to cook Set items recipe/ Ready to cook Items that convenient Build up strong relationship with farmers, producers and continue sourcing best quality, sustainable supply Add Organik vegetables Keep the same next day delivery

1.1.2. Recommend Bulk Buy Milk Gac 10 bottle, 20 bottles Egg Noodles: Nakaoka, Vi Nguyen Seaweed Salmon Cake bar SK

1.1.3. Recommend minimum order for free ship / discount?

1.1.4. Develop products Yogurt with sauce: Passion Fruit, Rasberry Strawberry, Orange Granola

1.2. B2B

1.2.1. Current Store Develop products for B2B Nam An 100% Famima

1.2.2. Contact with B2B clients if we can sell our current products Suppermarket Circle K Aeon Mall An Nam Gourmet Vinmart Restaurant Hotel

1.2.3. Sell anoher items Strawberry vegetables

1.2.4. Penetrate the signature product to MT channel

1.2.5. Cooperate with another platform Selling stock items Display as Box 4P's store Box 4P's deliver/ outsource Lazada Vinmart

2. Order Frequency

2.1. Membership & VIP

2.1.1. Install extension

2.1.2. Customer benefits must be clear

2.1.3. How to evaluate the customer group

2.2. Subscription

2.2.1. Recommend discount for subscription items

2.2.2. Daily items

3. Capacity Increase

3.1. Optimize Operation

3.1.1. completed automatical Save time of manually Export orders Bulk items editing Bulk orders editing

3.1.2. Better way of inventory check & submit sale record

3.1.3. Cash drawer

3.2. Warehouse capacity

3.2.1. Rent a bigger warehouse Test if we should rent a bigger warehouse Open the time slot into 80-90 Hire temporary delivery staffs for 2-3 days Outsource: Ahavmove

3.2.2. Buy more fridge & freezer 1 more cooling fridge Must have 1 freezer for ice & frozen items

3.3. Optimize Human Resources

3.3.1. Train delivery team as the most professional delivery

3.3.2. Operation Team

4. Marketing

4.1. Friend Introduction

4.1.1. Implement how a customer & their friend can get benefits

4.2. WOM

4.2.1. Influencers: our current customer

4.2.2. Influencer: No name acc, added to acc fb and like, share, comment

4.2.3. Create acc cá nhân, view & comments ảo trên fb

4.3. Join mORE Farmer's Market

4.3.1. Join the farmer's market as Box 4P's Box 4P's brochure Box 4P's Items: vegetables, Yogurt,...

4.3.2. Join Farmer's market as other place with VNese: D7 stalk if there's any other farmer's market in other place

4.4. Open Flagship stores

4.5. Promote a signature product

4.5.1. Video about Box 4P's and signature items

4.6. strong customer relationship

4.6.1. Healthy Life Style Blog Add a Blog function on website How we work Blog part: News, events,... cLEAR sTANDARTS

4.7. Run Fb Ad 2nd times to reach 5000 likes

4.7.1. budget 20,000/day