Interview Preparation

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Interview Preparation by Mind Map: Interview Preparation

1. Before 1 weak

1.1. Research the company

1.2. Who are they?

1.3. What product and services they have

1.4. Market

1.5. Competitors

1.6. The role I applied for

2. On the Day

2.1. Wake up early

2.2. Watch the news

2.3. Read the newspaper

2.4. Quick recap about the company and the job applied for

2.5. Prepare my bag with a notebook, pen, CV

2.6. Allocate extra time in case of traffic

3. 1 Day before

3.1. Prepare my outfit

3.2. Check how to get there and how long it takes

3.3. Rehearsal (company info, my speech)

3.4. Print a copy of my CV

3.5. Checking the latest business news

3.6. Go to bed early and get sound rest

4. At The Interview

4.1. Introducing Myself

4.2. Good handshake

4.3. Maintain eye contact

4.4. Good Posture

4.5. Open hands

4.6. Positive Attitude

5. 10 Possible question at the Interview

5.1. Can you tell me about yourself ?

5.2. What do you know about our company?

5.3. Why have you applied for this job?

5.4. What is the key thing that attracted you to the company?

5.5. What experience do you have in this field?

5.6. Tell me about a time you delivered excellent customer services

5.7. A scenario / role play or hypothetical questions focused on management competences, skills and functions

5.8. Tell me about your weakness

5.9. Why should i hire you?

5.10. Do you have any questions?

6. Reflection of interview