Theme: What's not said is somehow always spoken

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Theme: What's not said is somehow always spoken by Mind Map: Theme: What's not said is somehow always spoken

1. Lillies

1.1. Newland sends lillies of the valley to May

1.2. Newland sends yellow roses to Ellen

2. May and Newland's marriage

2.1. Beauford Ball

2.1.1. "remember we're doing this because it's right"

2.1.2. "It was at his express wish that the announcement had been made, and yet it was not thus that he would have wished to have happiness known"

3. Chapter 31

3.1. Spartan smile

3.1.1. “May had spoken out her grievances (he suspected her of many) he might have laughed them away; but she was trained to conceal imaginary wounds under a Spartan smile"

3.2. May catching on to Archer's games

4. St. Augustine

4.1. “Let us talk frankly, Newland. Sometimes I’ve felt a difference in you; especially since our engagement has been announced”

4.2. And if you feel yourself in any way pledged...pledged to the person we’ve spoken of… and if there’s any way in which you can fulfill your pledge...even by getting a divorce… Newland, don’t give her up because of me”

5. Chapter 34

5.1. Archer received this strange communication in silence. His eyes remained unseeingly fixed on the thronged sunlit square below the window. At length he said in a low voice: "She never asked me.”

5.1.1. He and May never talked to each other, they just watched each other's actions "A deaf and dumb asylum"

5.2. Meeting Ellen with Dallas

5.2.1. Servant closing the shutters signifies the closing of their relationship??

5.2.2. "It's more real to me here than if I went up"

6. Chapter 24

6.1. “Archer reddened to the temples but dared not move or speak: it was as if her words had been some rare butterfly that the least motion might drive off on startled wings, but that might gather a flock if it were left undisturbed.”

6.1.1. If no one responds back to what Archer says about Ellen, no one will know how they all feel

6.2. "You like Beaufort because he's so unlike us.... We're damnably dull. We've no character, no colour, no variety"