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Physics 112 by Mind Map: Physics 112
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Physics 112


John Travoltage


Positive and Negative Charges attract

The Tape lab

Electrical Currents

Light bulbs

Series Circuit- all light the same

Parallel Circuit- Some may light

New node, V(voltage)=I(Current) x R(resistor)

The source of all magnetism is MOVING Charge

Current Flows


Its all around us the greater the magnetism the greater the charge

Lenz Law

Counteracts traveling current


Provokes traveling current

The BB gun


Allow charge to move

Semiconductor Diode- one way street

Xenon-excited to ground state

BB guns-xenon, and process of the flash, and coil magnet build up.

Insulators versus conductors



Enhanced my creativity

Google Sites

Organized my work

Neat Videos

Research and How to work with youtube


How to make personal slide show videos

The Telescope

Light rays

3 rays of light that reflect an object


Purple YAY

Speed of Light

Light bends toward the medium when entering water

Neat Videos

Pretty NEat

Communicate with others

Interact with network

The Ultrasound



Doppler Effect

MRI, Astro(LASER)physics, and Thermography

MRI are superconductors

Lasers and modern day medicine

Seeing people in the dark(Thermography)

Einstein and Relativity

STR- inertial systems no acceleration

GTR- gravity theory with no restriction

Modern Medicine

Ways to use natural health

Crazy theories for tachyon use

Atomic and Nuclear

very small subatomic particles

Fission vs Fusion

Alpha, Beta, Beta plus, and gamma