Troponine in Acute Stroke

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Troponine in Acute Stroke by Mind Map: Troponine in Acute Stroke

1. Background

1.1. Troponin T often elevated in acute stroke

1.2. potential causes include heart disease, kidney failure and stroke locations

1.3. the pathophysiology is unclear

2. Aim

2.1. identify causes of TnT release in acute stroke

2.2. invesitgate stroke location and TnT release

2.2.1. hypothesis: left insular cortex innervates heart regulation sympathetic / parasympethic

3. Results

3.1. TnT and clinical manifestations

3.1.1. correlation AF Heart failure Mild Kidney failure

3.2. location of stroke

3.2.1. Right sided stroke

3.2.2. Left sided stroke More release of TnT

4. Clinical consequences

4.1. CT

4.2. ECG