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Cryonics & Life Extension in Australia by Mind Map: Cryonics & Life Extension in Australia
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Cryonics & Life Extension in Australia

University Affiliated



Brain & Mind Research Institute

Australian Organ Donor Register

Neural Interfaces


Suspended Animation

SA US Subsidiary

SAR (Australia)

Australian Funeral Directors Association


An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Cremation. A Swedish Cryogenic Technique

Freezing "Third Option"

Life Extension Villages

Cowra, NSW

Cowra Hospital

Brain Scanning

Neural Archives Foundation

Cowra Hospital

Model Organizations, InnerSpace Foundation, The Methuselah Foundation, Immortality Institue


OpenCog is software for the collaborative development of safe and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence.

OpenBiomind, Neurological Data Analysis

Human Cognome Project

The Human Cognome Project seeks to reverse engineer the human brain, paralleling in many ways the Human Genome Project and its success in deciphering the human genome. The HCP is a multidisciplinary undertaking, relevant to, among others: biology, neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence and philosophy of mind.

Cryonics in Oz Social Network

Australian residents and visitors cryonics and life extension network. Sponsored by the Cryonics Association of Australia.

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The Cryonics Association of Australia. CAA is a non-profit organization promoting the interests of cryonicists, and persons interested in life extension in general, in Australia.


Out of Site Services, 1300/1800 number


PayPal button for donors & members

Official Affiliation with CI & Alcor

CI Technology Exchange

Expand organisation to Australasia

Executive electronic vote