Willie's Plan

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Willie's Plan by Mind Map: Willie's Plan

1. Already Probed

1.1. List Of Keywords

2. Step 1. Make Your Money Videos

2.1. 4 Step Video Sales Script

2.1.1. Who You Are

2.1.2. What You Have For Them

2.1.3. What's It's Going To For For THem

2.1.4. What To Do Next Visit a website leave a comment enter your name and email like my video

2.2. Outsource Video Production the way you like it you might make a video or show examples of previous videos

3. Step 2. Launch Your Web 2.0's

3.1. Wordpress.com

3.1.1. One VA work on that copies of all the content on a text file for you each post should one text file

3.1.2. want an image

3.1.3. embed the money video

3.1.4. Set up the article with h1 = kw1, h2 = kw2, h2 = kw2

3.2. Weebly.com

3.2.1. Another VA work on this one

4. Step 3. Expired or New Domain