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Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Cyberbullying

1. Statistics

2. Reasons for being cyberbullied

2.1. race

3. Consequences

4. Effects of Cyberbullying

5. cybebullying has doubled between 2000-2005 amongst 10-17 year olds

6. Twice as many girls as boys are victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying

7. Depression and Anxiety

8. Substance Abuse

9. decreased learning at school

10. Suicide

11. Civil cases related to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

12. criminal penalties including jail or fines if convicted (2500 in fines and up to 1 yr in jail)

13. suspension from school

14. criminal charges depending upon what happens to the victim as the result of bullying.

15. charged with hate crimes, impersonation, harrassment and numerous violation

16. violent behavior

17. 11% of students in grades 6-8 have admitted to cyberbullying someone atleast once in the past couple of months

18. 16% of students grades 9-12 are victims of bullying (1 in 6)

19. race

20. sexual orientaion

21. physical or learning disabilities

22. new to school or community

23. religion

24. lack strong social connections