Kashmir Crisis

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Kashmir Crisis by Mind Map: Kashmir Crisis

1. Transportation

1.1. A strict enforcement of a curfew in several cities in Kashmir since 12 September has had a dramatic effect on the free flow of news and information and the ability of journalists to work. Several local publications and regional TV stations are paralysed because their staff cannot leave their homes and several reporters have been beaten by police.

2. Economical

2.1. "The Kashmir crisis compelled both governments to expend enormous sums to support the deployment of forces in this region. The costs to both India and Pakistan of the Siachen Glacier deployment alone were estimated at more than $1 million a day, amounting to more than $5 billion since the sporadic fighting on the glacier began in 1984." (GlobalSecurity.org)

3. Information

4. Political

4.1. The governments of India and Pakistan (and in small degree China) are in a political and military stale mate against one another over the control of Kashmir.

5. Social

5.1. The Muslim community of Indian administered Kashmir is rioting against the government and the rest of the territory is at risk for violence from military retaliation. The territory can be divided into three regions -- Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh -- each of which is dominated by a different ethnic group. Jammu is inhabited mainly by a Hindu majority, the Kashmir Valley is settled by a Muslim majority, and a Buddhist majority resides in Ladakh.