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How & why do educators use video in the classroom? by Mind Map: How & why do educators use
video in the classroom?
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How & why do educators use video in the classroom?

to make learning authentic and real

bring in outside voices

hearing authentic voices (langauges)

to develop cultural awareness (e.g. South Africa)

as an engagement or motivational tool

(to settle a class)

to stimulate learning

e.g. starter or plenary

to develop pace. rhythm, flow in a lesson

In short bursts(clips), contrast to traditional full video or film, more targetted - educationally relevant

because it is a medium students are immersed within

to cater for different learning styles

good for visual learners

alternative to group presentations

Illustrating content

Reinforcing & consolidating knowledge

to transmit content

As a cognitive scaffolding tool (Vygotsky)

to develop higher order thinking skills and concepts

relatively rare for this to be artiuculated, some disagreement with this statement

by encouraging them to observe the video

personalised learning

to support independent, autonomous learning

Language Teachers:

for cultural experience and exposure

to simplify difficult text

user-generated: by enabling students to construct undersdtanding with video

as an antidote to passivity

sometimes assumes other uses are passive (i.e. just watching)

dialogic purposes

encourage communication and dialogue in class

with SEN children

Inappropriate usage (e.g. Renne Hobbs)

passivitity - used as a substitute for talking

over-use(does it lessen the impact or is this only if it is seen as a motivational tool alone?)

used as a filler or reward

repeats the problems of instructional TV

why do they use video

importance of pedagogical underpinning

context important

linked to clear learning objectives