Marketing, competition and the costumer

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Marketing, competition and the costumer by Mind Map: Marketing, competition and the costumer

1. Marketing department

1.1. Sales department: responsible for the sales of the product

1.2. Market research department: to know what the costumer wants and needs due to the change in technology

1.2.1. Destinations

1.3. Promotion department: responsible for advertising the product. Such as banners, posters and etc.

1.3.1. Destinations

1.4. Distribution department: responsible for transporting the products to the market

2. Market changes

2.1. Why do costumers change needs?

2.1.1. fashion changes

2.1.2. changes in technology

2.1.3. change in income

2.1.4. growth of age

2.2. How can companies act on the change of costumers?

2.2.1. maintain good costumer relationship Destinations

2.2.2. keep updating the products made

2.2.3. make more new products to keep costumer's interest

2.2.4. keep cost of production low

3. Market segments

3.1. can make products on specific needs

3.2. higher sales

4. Role of Marketing

4.1. identify costumer's needs

4.2. satisfy costumer's needs

4.2.1. Destinations

4.3. maintain costumer loyalty

4.4. gain information about costumers

4.5. anticipate changes in costumer needs

5. What is meant by a market?

5.1. Mass marketing

5.1.1. Adv. large sales benefit from money for growth of the business higher chance to grow big

5.1.2. Dis adv. a lot of competitions advertising a product will be expensive not all products are for each costumer;s needs

5.2. Niche marketing

5.2.1. Adv. less competition can focus on the needs of costumers

5.2.2. Dis adv. less chance to grow big if demand for the product drops, the business will loose profit and become bankrupt