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Gay Men's Health Movement by Mind Map: Gay Men
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Gay Men's Health Movement


Lark Ballinger

Lark's Twitter Feed

Chris Bartlett

Secret Mentorship

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy

Chris' Twitter Feed

Luis Guerra

Luis' Twitter Feed

David Halperin

What Do Gay Men Want?

Amber Hollibaugh

My Dangerous Desires

Trevor Hoppe

Trevor's blog

Michael Hurley

Michael's publications

Bill Jesdale

Bill's blog

Bill's Twitter Feed

Kevin Trimell Jones

Kevin's Twitter Feed

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy

Stewart Landers

Stewart's Twitter Feed

Fred Lopez

Fred's Twitter Feed

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy

Kaijson Noilmar

Kaijson's Twitter Feed

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy

Cindy Patton

Cindy's publications

Scott Pegues

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy

Benjamin Perkins

The MALE Center, Boston

Jim Pickett


Lifelube Blog

International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA)

Kane Race

Kane's publications

Daniel Reeders

Daniel's Twitter Feed

Eric Rofes

Thriving: Gay Men's Health in the 20th Century

Reviving the Tribe

Dry Bones Breathe

All of Eric's Books

Eric's Website

Bill Ryan

Framing Gay Men's Health

Valuing Gay Men's Lives

Michael Scarce

Smearing the Queer: Medical Bias in the Health Care of Gay Men

Male on Male Rape

Michael's articles

Charles Stephens

Charles' writings on Lifelube

Tony Valenzuela

The Crystal Conundrum

Killer Gay Sex


Wakefield's Twitter Feed


Community Organizing

Gay City, Seattle

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy

HIM, Vancouver

The MALE Center, Boston

Milk México, Mexico City

Project SIGMA, London

Radical Faeries

RÉZO, Montréal

SafeGuards Project, Philadelphia

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


Clinics/ Medical Care

Fenway, Boston

Gay Men's Free Clinic, Berkeley

Magnet, San Francisco

Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia

Key Concepts

Assets-Based Thinking

Broadening Gay Health beyond HIV

Exploring Gay Social Networks

Focusing on the G in LGBTI

Opposed to pathologizing Gay men and their practices

Mobilization Focused

Dispersed Leadership and deprofessionalized


Gay Men's Health Summit I, Boulder CO, 1999

Gay Men's Health Summit II, Boulder CO, 2000

Gay Men's Health Summit III, Raleigh, NC, 2003

Gay Men's Health Summit IV, Salt Lake City, UT, 2005

WARNING Gay Men's Health Summit, Paris, France, 2005

Gay Men's Health Summit V, Seattle, WA, 2008

Gay Men's Health Summit VI Fort Lauderdale, FL 2010


Eric Rofes Memorial at LGBTI Summit, Philadelphia, March, 2007

Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy Video

Gay Men's Health Ning

Trevor Hoppe's Blog

Lifelube Blog

Gay Men's Health Agenda

Including Health in GLAAD Media Reference Guide