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Tourism by Mind Map: Tourism

1. Travle

1.1. Roads

1.1.1. 3500 B.C - Wheel intvented - Roads build for carts/chariots/caravans

1.1.2. Developed an extensive network of roads

1.1.3. Romans Used the roads to travel and see the pyramids, temples, festivals, theaters, and sporting events.

1.2. Ships

1.2.1. Used for Trading spices and goods

1.2.2. Port cities were establish and further developed by hotels, markets, traders, and tourists.

1.2.3. provided faster travel and able for mass travel.

1.3. Trains

1.3.1. 1698 - first steam powerd machine

1.3.2. played a major part in the development of the US by allowing mass travel

1.3.3. The transcontinental Railroad made travle across america possible.

1.4. Plains

1.4.1. 1900 - wright Brothers began testing air travel

1.4.2. 1935- commercial flights made travel alot more fast for more people.

1.5. Mordern tourism

1.5.1. Sosial media

1.5.2. Electronic booking and reveiwing

1.5.3. communication