Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences by Mind Map: Multiple Intelligences

1. Bodily Kinesthetic Learners

1.1. Engage in Sports

1.2. Are Unable to Sit Still for Long Periods of Time

1.3. Enjoy Being Daredevils

1.4. Spend Free Time Outdoors

2. Musical Learners

2.1. Can Tell When Music Notes are Sharp or Flat

2.2. Play Musical Instruments

2.3. Hear Music in Their Head

2.4. Tend to Sing or Hum While Working

3. Interpersonal Learners

3.1. Prefer Group Activities to Solo

3.2. Are Seen as Leaders by Others

3.3. Enjoy the Challenge of Teaching Others

3.4. Are Comfortable in Front of a Crowd

4. Intrapersonal Learners

4.1. Usually Spend Time Alone Thinking About Life Questions

4.2. Keep Journals of Inner Thoughts

4.3. Would Rather Spend Time Alone Than in a Crowded Place

5. Linguistic Learners

5.1. Are Word Smart

5.2. Are Good Storytellers

5.3. Enjoy Reading

6. Logical Mathematical Learners

6.1. Easily Do Math In Their Head

6.2. Think That Most Things Have Rational Explanations

6.3. Categorize Items and Tasks

7. Spatial Learners

7.1. Are Sensitive to Colors

7.2. Have Vivid Dreams

7.3. Like to Doodle or Draw

8. Naturalistic Learners

8.1. Enjoy Studying Nature, Plants & Animals

8.2. Recognize Types of Plants, Trees, Rocks, Birds, etc.

8.3. Care About the Environment & Environmental Problems Bother Them