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Technologies by Mind Map: Technologies

1. Digital technologies

1.1. Digital implementation

2. Alignment w/ Aus curriculum

2.1. Digital technologies

2.1.1. Design solutions to a user interface for a digital system (ACTDIP018)

2.1.2. Create and communicate information, including online collaborative projects, using agreed social, ethical and technical protocols (codes of conduct) (ACTDIP022)

2.2. Cross curricula link : English

2.2.1. Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive print and multimodal texts, choosing text structures, language features, images and sound appropriate to purpose and audience (ACELY1704)

2.2.2. Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations for defined audiences and purposes incorporating accurate and sequenced content and multimodal elements (ACELY1700)

3. Materials

3.1. Smart board

3.1.1. What is the purpose of your app?

3.1.2. Explain some of the main features of your app:

3.1.3. What audience is your application aimed at and why?

3.1.4. Explain the cost to manufacture your application and why?

3.1.5. Write a paragraph to the manager of Apple explaining why you think they should invest in your application (use descriptive language to convince Apple to invest in your app).

3.2. MacBooks for students

3.3. Edmodo accounts


3.4. App store downloaded on each macbook

4. Instruction

4.1. 1. Students are to create a blog post that will be posted to Edmodo. The students task is to create a blog post answering the five marketing questions for their apps

4.2. 2. 30 minutes to complete the blog posts. I will be encouraging students to use a wide range of vocabulary and descriptive language throughout the posts (ACELY1704)

4.3. 3. 10 minutes to read through their peers work and comment on two posts supplying positive feedback.

5. Specific Learning Goals

5.1. Identify a main theme/idea for the application the individual students are creating

5.2. Complete the formative assessment task (blog- based on the different activities presented to the students)

5.3. Work in a collaborative and cohesive manner with peers.

5.4. Create a further understanding about technologies and how apps are created.

5.5. Develop a further understanding of blogging using the Edmodo blog specific to our classroom.

6. Assessment:

6.1. Formative

6.1.1. Tracking students progress within the lesson sequence

6.1.2. Identifying individual students strengths and weaknesses.

6.1.3. Anecdotal notes on individual students

6.1.4. Constant observation & open ended questioning

6.1.5. Checklist (blog post)

7. Focus questions

7.1. What does marketing mean?

7.2. Who would buy your app?

7.3. What would make your app more appealing to an audience?

7.4. Is your app going to be created for adults or the younger generation, why?

7.5. Why do you think Apple will invest in your app?

7.6. What would make an app stand out from the rest?

7.7. What did you notice about the blogs, who found someones blog which was similar, why?