Community Falls Alarm

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Community Falls Alarm by Mind Map: Community Falls Alarm

1. LO1 - Explore multi-agency working in relation to health and primary care

1.1. Multi-discinplinary Team (MDT)

1.1.1. should be one person that acts as the coordinator for monitoring and managing any assistive technologies within a household. This role would be best suited to an Occupational therapist as their expertise would be of most use

1.2. Health and Social Care Integration

1.2.1. Scheduled to occur in April 2016, should improve the MDT meetings. Community setting is main focus.

1.3. Scottish Government Public Body Joint Working

2. LO2 - Holistically manage healthcare needs across the lifespan of individuals, families, carers and communities

2.1. Who will need this falls alarm?

2.2. In order to manage healthcare needs, you need to assess them

2.3. patient at risk of falling? frail? Falls alarm is implemented

2.4. patient feels empowered and more independent

2.5. Long term condition management

2.6. Less visits to the health centre

2.7. Motivational Interviewing

3. LO3 - Discuss the use of technology within contemporary approaches to health and primary care

3.1. Book online appointments

3.2. Falls alarm can contact medical help ASAP through the means of technology

3.3. Electronic patient records allows for easier updates and amendments

3.4. Technology such as falls alarm is easy to explain

3.5. Online records often backed up with paper records which is double the work load

3.6. Older generation might find it difficult to use new technology, and would require training

4. LO4 - Analyse contemporary teaching and learning theories relevant to professional roles in health and primary care

4.1. Positive impact on patient education

4.2. promotes collaboration with health care professionals and patients

4.3. Teaching and learning theories can be categorised and appropriate selection for different people can be made

4.4. Life-long learning for nurses includes Revalidation

5. LO5 - Discuss the application of risk assessment frameworks in primary care

5.1. Technology - information can be breached and hacked into.

5.2. ALARP 'As low as reasonable practicable'

5.3. Falls risk assessment

5.4. Community nurses interact with vulnerable groups and they should be protected

5.5. Preparation for home visits, car safety and vulnerable groups.