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Horror by Mind Map: Horror

1. Horror films depend on Shock or atmosphere to scare the audience

1.1. atmosphere reigned supreme in horro films all the way to the 80's, where it flipped, and sex, violence, and gore became the name of the game

1.2. Many horror directors make films that they know will get a few laughs. Evil Dead Sam Raimi's masterpiece was one of the first films to properly combine comedy and horror.

2. Cult Followings

2.1. Many production companies continue to release horror films straight to dvd or in selected theaters despite lack of commercial support

2.2. The B-Horror genre runs on the dedication of fans and passion for the art, not money.

2.3. The film Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, the musical masterpiece from the legendary B-Movie production house TROMA films, had a crew and cast of fans volunteering for free.

3. Obsession with real death, serial killers, etc

4. Horror film related crimes

5. Suicide

6. Mental State

7. Pushing the evelope