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Vision for Thunderbird 4 by Mind Map: Vision for Thunderbird 4
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Vision for Thunderbird 4

cognitive modes

BEFORE I FORGET: let me write this down before i forget it

IIRC: where did i see X? search a corpus of past interaction.

BRING IT ON: i'm ready for new email

ESSAY WRITER: i'm composing a document which will require several sessions of mental energy

CHAT ME UP: participate in a synchronous, instant messaging conversation where the other parties are also chatting


CHECK ME OUT: i'm checking in to a place, or mood message, i'm now listening to x, i just bought or sold a stock, here's a picture of what i'm eating right now

TAKING YOUR PULSE: what are other people saying realtime about X? search twitter hashtags,, etc.


End User Value Proposition

a unified messaging client

for writing any text to any channel



Just as Spotlight is the first reach for search, TB4 will be the first reach for

less is more

pain points

all existing clients are too slow and make me feel stupid when using them


The next time a new medium like Twitter comes along, Tweetdeck won't be a startup: it'll be a TB4 plugin

The product will be a net profit center for Mozilla

Maybe Firefox and TB4 should share the same underlying architecture, but take a different set of plugins, in the same way that Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are the same core with different plugins

Success Criteria

at least as many opensource developers on the project not working for Mozilla as paid

Product Promise through Plugins

READ IT: handle any input

VIEW IT: in a number of different forms

WRITE IT: Rich Document Editing

SAVE IT: Storage Backend

SEND IT: Multiprotocol Plugin Support

TO ANYONE: Unified Addressbook

Hard Questions

how is this not Flock?

what the fuck is Seamonkey doing? Firefox + Thunderbird = Seamonkey. WTF? We don't need "more of the same" thinking.

will Raindrop become TB4?

what can a desktop application do that a web browser can't? seriously. with HTML5, XUL, and Chrome/Gears, why should anyone continue to develop a cross-platform binary when an offline-mode web app is just as powerful?

does the value prop align with the fundamental innovation drivers of open source and with the business models?