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Knowledge and Communication by Mind Map: Knowledge and Communication
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Knowledge and Communication


Non acedemic research

Funding Body




Memory is visual and dimensional

Need to re-remember a non-linear spacial memory which is more natural to the way that we think

Technology whilst helping to make a segmented enviroment has the potential to re-intergrate ourselves and our memories

Living History

Edward Debono

Vannevar Bush 1945 Memex

John Lock - Associationism and information trails

History is alive

Designing Hypermedia for Learning D.H. Jonassen and H. Mandl

Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgement to Calculation


ancestors were ingrained within their environment

Visual memory mapped directly and relevantly a contextual network

we were in symbiosis with the environment and memory was spacial and aural

Through a progressive development of technology we have created the environment that we live in

Creating the segmentation and de-contextualisation of the individual

We have become disembodied from our natural enviroment and so has our memory