kontexty a metody vyzkumu IM

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kontexty a metody vyzkumu IM by Mind Map: kontexty a metody vyzkumu IM

1. kotelezo

1.1. Adorno

1.1.1. Prolog k televizi cultural industries a kapitalizmus eszkoze, hogy elfoglalja az embert, es ne lazadjon feluton a film es a radio kozott

1.1.2. Televize jako ideologie

1.2. New media - introduction

1.2.1. rise of conceptual art in the 20th century trough marcel duchamp questioning what is art?

1.2.2. procesual/time art film george melies abel gance man ray luis bunuel fritz lang dziga vertov sergei eisenstein edweard muybridge chronophotography/ instant photography

1.2.3. daguerrotype 1839

1.3. forerunners of media art

1.3.1. Manifestos Luigi Russolo The Art of Noise Walter Ruttmann Malerei mit Zeit Bertolt Brecht Radio as Communication Apparatus Dziga Vertov Cinema Pravda and Radio Pravda F.T.P. Marinetti, Pino Masata La Radia Velimir Khlebnikov The Radio of the Future László Moholy-Nagy Das simultane oder Polykino James Joyce Finnegan's Wake

1.3.2. motives for using media in art spread art massively, get out of self imposed avantgarde artistic ghetto, also political charge " politization of aesthetics" do something that have never been done never before

1.3.3. start of using media in art after war:51-52 critical destructive strategy guy debord receptive analytical strategy John Cage utopian emphatic strategies Lucio Fontana

1.4. Television: art or antiart

1.4.1. television coined the term mass medium

1.4.2. 3 stages of tv art 62-64 tv only as a material 68-69 TV as art form of the future since 70 radicalization intervention chris burden nm Paik

2. tananyag

2.1. frankfurt school

2.1.1. Walter Benjamin works The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction(1935/1936)

2.1.2. Theodor Adorno culture industry

2.1.3. Jurge Habermas

2.1.4. Max Horkheimer


2.2.1. members Nam June Paik Dick Higgins Joseph Beuys John Cage formed around his composition lectures George Maciunas organized it in 62 Gyorgy Ligeti Yoko Ono Wolf Vostell La Monte Young

2.2.2. intermedia art visual poetry design composition happening inspired by Allan Kaprow fluxus performances were simpler event scores

2.2.3. international artist organization

2.2.4. DIY

2.2.5. DADA