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system unitis by Mind Map: system unitis

1. Drive bay(s)

1.1. A drive baytypically holds disk drives

2. Power supply

2.1. The power supplyconverts the wall outlet AC power into DC power

3. Sound card

4. Video card

5. Processor

5.1. Multi‐core processor

5.2. Dual‐core processor

5.3. Quad‐core processor

6. Memory

6.1. Volatile memory

6.1.1. RAM

6.2. Nonvolatile memory

6.2.1. ROM, flash memory, and CMOS

7. Ports and Connectors

7.1. Firewireport Bluetoothport SCSIporte SATAport IrDAport Serialport MIDIport

8. Buses

8.1. PCI busPCI Express busAccelerated Graphics PortUSB and FireWire busPC Card bus