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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. I believe intelligence to be a collection of different abilities and capacities that an individual was born with or has learned from experience.

2. Math and Logic

2.1. Spatial Reasoning

2.2. Arithmatic

2.3. Science

3. Movement/Motor Skills

3.1. Gross Motor

3.1.1. Dance

3.1.2. Sports

3.1.3. Flexibility

3.2. Fine Motor

3.2.1. Drawing

3.2.2. Cutting

4. Social Skills

4.1. Friendships

4.2. Listening Skills

4.3. Communication

4.4. Respect

5. Children acquire intelligence through a variety of avenues: logic, language, creativity, movement, and through interactions with others. Every individual has strengths and weaknesses and we all learn at a different pace and in different ways. I don't believe one way to be better than the other, just different.

6. Language

6.1. Language acquisition

6.2. Literacy skills

6.2.1. reading

6.2.2. writing

7. Creativity

7.1. Music

7.2. Art

7.3. Different perspectives