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Penguins by Mind Map: Penguins

1. Home

1.1. This page will include multiple pictures of cute penguins in order to grab the viewers attention. It will also have a paragraph about penguins

1.1.1. VIDEO: I will show a video of penguins to get viewers attention.

1.1.2. LOGO: My website logo will be here.

2. Breeds

2.1. I will list 10 or so breeds of penguins and give some information about them.

2.1.1. PHOTO EDITING: I will enhance pictures of the different breeds.

2.1.2. INFOGRAPHICS: I will provide a chart about stats on different breeds.

3. Gallery

3.1. This page will include many pictures of different breeds of penguins.

3.1.1. PHOTO EDITING: I will enhance pictures to make them look their best before posting them on the gallery page.

4. Help the penguins

4.1. I will provide websites and information about ways to donate to help the penguins and a link to WWF to adopt a penguin

4.1.1. INFOGRAPHICS: I will provide an infograph that shows why the penguins need help.

5. More Info

5.1. Here, I will list more websites about penguins for the viewers that want to learn more about them.

5.1.1. SOCIAL MEDIA: I will link a social media account that gives more information about penguins.

6. About Penguins

6.1. Common information about penguins as a whole will be put on this page.

6.1.1. VIDEO: For this page, I will put a video of penguins in their natural habitat.

7. Tagline: Spreading love and awareness of cute and cuddling penguins.