Travel the Middle East

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Travel the Middle East by Mind Map: Travel the Middle East

1. Dubai

1.1. On this page I will discuss the various sites of Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the indoor skiing at Ski Dubai.

2. Culture and Language

2.1. Simple Arabic words and saying, along with cultural norms to be aware of to help people in their travel through the Middle East

2.1.1. I will use the infographics for this part of my website to help with delivery of the information

2.1.2. I will also use a video to help with pronunciation of the words and phrases.

3. Home

3.1. On this page, I will have the various locations and a little bit about each location.

3.1.1. This is the page in which my logo for module 5 will go. I'm hoping to have words written in English and Arabic in my logo.

3.1.2. I will also be using the QR code for this page which will make it easy for advertisement on flyers.

3.1.3. I will use the screencast to help show how to move around my website.

4. Bahrain

4.1. On this page, I will go more in depth about the various sites to see in Bahrain and the good places to eat, including the Tree of Life and AlAbraj

5. Egypt

5.1. On this page, I will list the many must see sites of Egypt including the pyramids, the national museum, and the Egyptian Bizarre.

6. Jordan

6.1. On this page I will list the many of the things to do in Jordan

7. Oman

7.1. On this page I will describe the many attractions of Oman

8. Contact

8.1. I will add ways to get a hold of me to clarify any questions

8.1.1. I will use the social media aspect for this page to help better communication between me and the users for my site.

8.1.2. I will also add the google form to this page to receive feedback from the users of the site with a survey