Reading Comprehension:Adult online learning

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Reading Comprehension:Adult online learning by Mind Map: Reading Comprehension:Adult online learning

1. Literacy Information

1.1. Online Comprehensions

1.1.1. Leu, D. J., & Zawilinski, L. (2007). The new literacies of online reading comprehension. New England Reading Association Journal, 43(1), 1-7,91. Retrieved from

1.1.2. styles of comprehensions

1.2. Complexity of Comprehension Skills

1.2.1. Landi, N. (2010). An examination of the relationship between reading comprehension, higher-level and lower-level reading sub-skills in adults. Reading and Writing, 23(6), 701-717. doi:

2. Learning Disorders and Comprehension

2.1. Low Literacy Rate

2.1.1. more and more adults are enrolled in higher education with low literacy

2.2. Dyslexia and online comprehension

2.2.1. Bruck, M. (1990). Word-recognition skills of adults with childhood diagnoses of dyslexia. Developmental Psychology, 26(3), 439-454. doi:

2.3. Accomdations

2.3.1. Should educators provide accommodations for those with learning disabilities

3. Online Learning Comprehension

3.1. Researching online stragetries

3.2. Using online Libraries

3.2.1. deciphering subjects

3.3. Comprehension for writing

3.3.1. Clarke, P. J., Truelove, E., & Hulme, C. (2013). Developing Reading Comprehension. Somerset, NJ, USA: John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from

4. Conclusion

4.1. Revisit thesis

4.2. Why is it important to have reading comprehension?