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Princess Corner by Mind Map: Princess Corner

1. Cinderella

1.1. A description of Princess Cinderella, tips on how to do chores, tips on how NOT to lose your glass slippers, everyday looks by Cinderella

1.1.1. QR code: I will have a code that brings you to GIF of Cinderella losing her glass slipper

2. Belle

2.1. A description of Princess Belle, a few things Belle loves, tips on how to get lost in a book, everyday looks by Belle

2.1.1. Info-graphics: pictures of Belle's everyday looks

3. Snow White

3.1. A description of Snow White, tips on how to love animals, tips on singing, everyday looks by Snow White

3.1.1. Social Media: Snow White's blog on loving animals

4. Ariel

4.1. A description of Princess Ariel, a tour of under the sea, how to be a princess of the sea, voice lessons by Ariel

4.1.1. Digital Image Editing: on photos of Ariel and her sea friends

5. Rapunzel

5.1. A description of Princess Rapunzel, tips on self defense with a frying pan, everyday tips on how to take care of your hair

5.1.1. Google Form: collect information on your hair length/color

6. Elsa

6.1. A description of Queen Elsa, tips on how to control your ice powers, a tour of Arendelle

6.1.1. Video: video tour of Arendelle

7. Home

7.1. A list and picture of each of the princesses which will link to their page. It will say "Visit your favorite princess"

7.1.1. Screencast: I will highlight my website on my home page

7.1.2. App: my app will be found of my home page

7.1.3. Logo: I will have a logo on the bottom of each page

8. Tagline: Visit your favorite princess, and become them by personalized tips for you