The Problem Solving Process

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The Problem Solving Process by Mind Map: The Problem Solving Process

1. 2. Develop Objectives

1.1. Figure out the goal and the skills that meet the task.

1.2. develop objectives that represent the specific content, language and skills the students should be working toward.

2. 1. Contextualize the Question

2.1. Put student's questions in a greater context for them to solve.

2.2. Ask, "What is the question here?" and "What should we do about it?"

3. 6. Evaluate Student Needs

3.1. Review students' current level of knowledge and skill.

3.2. Evaluate and be ready to meet each individual students' needs.

4. 7. Implement

4.1. Provide clear instructions to the students on what they are to do.

4.2. Provide feedback as the students are working and observe the students as they work.

5. 5. Develop Scaffolds

5.1. Create documents and mini-lessons to assist students.

6. 3. Review Background

6.1. Explore and use tools that focus on the problem.

6.2. List background information.

7. 4. Write the Problem

7.1. Be specific about student roles and responsibilities.

7.2. Write the problem and be sure to include what exactly the students are doing.