TRC Q2 Goal: Member Months (Increasing LTV)

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TRC Q2 Goal: Member Months (Increasing LTV) by Mind Map: TRC Q2 Goal: Member Months (Increasing LTV)

1. Rock 1: Sticky Saves Objective is to get customers who try to cancel to stay longer than 30 days

1.1. Use incentives to retain customeres

1.1.1. Problem: How do we know they won't cancel again?

1.2. Do we understand the different reasons customers cancel and treat them each strategically?

2. 10-day Refunds For Mags

2.1. Objective: To implement a refund program... inviting people to refund only within the first ten days.

2.1.1. Why are people refunding their purchases?

2.1.2. How will we incentivize people to stay?

2.1.3. How will the customer know about our policy?

2.1.4. How do we mitigate the risk of a chargeback past this period?

3. % of Revenue from Merchant Processing

3.1. Retries cost money

3.1.1. Problem: How many retries should we try per-program so that we aren't trying to bill cx who don't have any money?

3.2. Chargebacks cost money

3.2.1. Objective is obviously to reduce chargebacks... Why do customers charge back? Are chargeback alerts services worth the ROI?

3.3. Refunds Cost Money

3.3.1. What tactics can we implement to reduce refunds? Do we know why customers refund?

3.4. Is there a greater ROI on rebilling customers who don't desire our programs than simply letting them go?

4. Variety of Acquisition Sources

4.1. Objective: Identify new acquisition sources through our existing network and through research...

4.1.1. Criteria for a good acquisition center relationship... what do we require from a center?

5. Projected LTV

5.1. Objective is to increase LTV... but how?

5.1.1. Are customers engaged with the products?

5.1.2. How are are customers attritioning? Cancels Why are they cancelling? Refunds Why are they refunding? Chargebacks Why are they charging back?