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Thrive Animal Rescue by Mind Map: Thrive Animal Rescue

1. Adopt a dog

1.1. This page will show the dogs that are available for adoption. It will have pictures and a short description of each dog.

1.1.1. Graphic Design/QR code Pictures and descriptions with dogs available for adoption Powtoon: video explaining the five steps to adopting a dog.

1.2. Merged pages Adopt a Dog & Requirements to Adopt together. Requirements to Adopt is now under Adopt a dog, next to flyer.

1.3. Requirements to Adopt

1.3.1. This page will tell you what you need to know before adopting a dog. Thrive logo at top of page

2. Shop

2.1. Shows pictures of Thrive shirts and necklaces you can buy to support dogs in need. 45% of sales go directly to Thrive

3. Location

3.1. The location page provides an address and more contact information on how to get to the facility.

4. Get Involved

4.1. How to Get Involved will show a number of different ways on how you can be involved with Thrive. Wheather thats fostering a dog, donating, venues for adoption events, photography, other connections etc.

4.1.1. There will be a Foster Application right under the Fostering description. Its just a click of a button and will open a google doc with a survey.

5. Contact

5.1. The Contact page will give basic contact information so visitors can get a hold of Thrive members. At the top will be my strategic planning page and references page.

6. Home

6.1. Home page will give a brief description of what Thrive is about

6.1.1. Photo: The home page will have one close up photo of a shelter dog and will include a quote.

7. About

7.1. This page will include a brief description about how Thrive got started and their goal in rescuing dogs.

7.1.1. App: This app will be a brief overview of what the website consists of and will provide pictures with the dogs available for adoption/fostering Piktochart explaining the difference between adopting and buying a dog. The benefits, challenges, and some statistics.

8. Stories

8.1. This page will be a blog and include stories about dogs that have been adopted and what they are up to now!