Input/Output & Software/Hardware

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Input/Output & Software/Hardware by Mind Map: Input/Output & Software/Hardware

1. Input

1.1. A device that sends the information to a computer for processing

1.2. Keyboard

1.3. Pro: easy to enter data using a keyboard; Con: Cannot reproduce information from the computer and it is easy to make mistakes when typing information

1.4. Allows students to type papers instead of hand-writing them out

2. Output

2.1. Reproduces the results of processed information from the computer

2.2. Printer

2.3. Pro: Can look at a print previews before printing documents; Cons: Can be costly with ink cartridges

2.4. Can be used to give teacher a hard copy of work completed on computer

3. Software

3.1. Computer programs and documentations that perform tasks on the computer

3.2. Microsoft Office

3.3. Pro: You do not have to install this program after each use; Con: If your computer is destroyed so are the files that were in this program

3.4. Can be used when creating power points and typed documents

4. Hardware

4.1. A device such that can be physically touched and connected to a computer

4.2. Flash drive

4.3. Pro: If information is lost in the computer it can always be stored on the flash drive; Con: If flash drive is not removed properly information could be lost

4.4. Can be used to store assignments for future use