Fitness 101

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Fitness 101 by Mind Map: Fitness 101

1. Healthy Eating

1.1. I will start off by putting categories. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert (Yes dessert), and snacks. Then I will put healthy food recipes under each category

1.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: I will edit photos of the food I make for my website

2. Motivation

2.1. This page will have motivational things that people can access to make becoming fit easier on them

2.1.1. Infographics: I will include infographics on this page to make accessing information easier

3. Workouts

3.1. This will include workouts, it will have different levels and time lengths for each of the different workouts.

3.1.1. Video: I will have videos of me actually doing some of the workout things I list to do.

3.1.2. App Prototype: I will design a app that can help people track their workouts.

4. Contact

4.1. This page will have my email and name so people can contact me directly

4.1.1. CR Code: This page will have a CR Code so people can access my website on the go via smart phone

5. About

5.1. This page will be why fitness is important, my personal fitness story/routine, and facts about staying fit.

5.1.1. Social Media: On this page I will have a link to my blog that tell a lot of my actual fitness journey

6. Home

6.1. This page will have a general description of fitness and what it entails.

6.1.1. Screencast Presentation: I will make a video of myself and others of clips from our workout

6.1.2. Logo: I will have the logo on the home page showing that this website is about fitness

6.1.3. Google Form: This will include a google form so I can see what percentage of people workout now, don't work out, eat healthy or don't eat healthy.