GTD Workflow

David Allen's GTD workflow

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GTD Workflow by Mind Map: GTD Workflow

1. 5 Stages

1.1. 1. Collect

1.1.1. keys to success process all inboxes daily have as few inboxes as possible have capture tools with you always

1.2. 2. Process

1.2.1. Is it actionable? No organize Yes What's the next action?

1.3. 3. Organize

1.3.1. nonactionable Reference Someday / Tickler Trash

1.3.2. actionable waiting for list (delegated tasks) next actions lists calendar (scheduled and day-specific tasks)

1.4. 4. Review

1.4.1. often calendar action lists

1.4.2. key to success: weekly review projects delegated items higher levels of committment

1.4.3. monthly

1.4.4. yearly

1.5. 5. Do

1.5.1. 3 options do work when it shows up do predefined work review define your work workflow