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GTD Workflow by Mind Map: GTD Workflow
4.9 stars - 62 reviews range from 0 to 5

GTD Workflow

5 Stages

1. Collect

keys to success, process all inboxes daily, have as few inboxes as possible, have capture tools with you always

2. Process

Is it actionable?, No, organize, Yes, What's the next action?, do it (less than 2 min), delegate or defer it, organize

3. Organize

nonactionable, Reference, Someday / Tickler, Trash

actionable, waiting for list (delegated tasks), next actions lists, calendar (scheduled and day-specific tasks)

4. Review

often, calendar, action lists

key to success: weekly review, projects, delegated items, higher levels of committment



5. Do

3 options, do work when it shows up, do predefined work, review, define your work, workflow