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together we make change by Mind Map: together we make change

1. Home

1.1. Over view of the website

1.1.1. Video: ( to show that people with disabilities are part of our community and they can help as any other person).

1.1.2. Logo.

1.1.3. Pictures: (Picture that makes people excited to join and help).

1.1.4. Infographics: We can show every 6 months how our volunteers have make a change by an infographic.

2. About

2.1. what this website about, and for who? what it cares about. (The goals, vision and mission)

2.1.1. Graphic Design and QR Codes: I will use flayers and business cards for telling what this website about and contacting.

3. Choose your non-profit

3.1. For the volunteers so they can choose the non-profit that they want to join.

3.1.1. Screencast Presentation: That shows the different between the non-profits that you want to choose, to volunteer with.

4. Events

4.1. The upcoming events

4.1.1. Picture or video: that shows the upcoming event that attract people to volunteer and join

5. Pictures

5.1. Pictures for the volunteers and the events ...

5.1.1. Social media : Pictures will be added to in the social media

5.1.2. Pictures use

6. Sign in

6.1. For the people who want to volunteer + for the non-profits who needs volunteer.

6.1.1. Google form: So volunteers and non-profits can submit

7. Contact

7.1. Social media( email - number..etc)

7.1.1. Social media

7.1.2. App Prototype: Application use

8. Tagline: To make people with disabilities join the volunteers and work with them so they can share with helping our community.